General Information

  The Offices of General Secretary at the universities were instituted, as stated in the declaration about administrative organization of higher education institutions, in accordance with 27th item of decree no. 124 on 07/10/2009 about higher education institutions and the administrative organization of higher education institutions. Being the highest rank of the administrative organization of the university, the Offices of General Secretary provide a coordinated and systematic performance in the attached units. The Office also has to establish the necessary coordination; attend the meetings of University Administrative Board and senate without a right of vote; preserve and withhold the decisions as a reporter and transmit them to related units to ensure the actualization of these decisions; and to coordinate the internal and external correspondences in accordance with laws, rules and regulations.

Duties and Responsibilities  
1. General Secretary is constituted of one Secretary General and at most two vice Secretaries General and related units.
2. General Secretary is the head of administrative organization of the university and is responsible to the rector for this organization.
3. General Secretary has to carry out the following responsibilities apart from the duties he/she has to do as the head of administrative organization:
a. To coordinate an efficient, systematic, and compatible performance within the units.
b. To act as a reporter in University Senate and University Administrative Board, and to ensure that the decisions taken during the boards are written down, preserved and saved.
c. To transmit the decisions of University Senate and University Administrative Board to the related units.
d. To make suggestions to the rector about the staff to be assigned to university administrative organization.
e. To maintain the service of press and public relations.
f. To carry out the correspondences of the Rectorate and General Secretary
g. To arrange the protocol, visit and ceremonial programs of the rectorate.
h. To fulfill similar duties assigned by the rector.  

Our Mission
 The aim of the university of the administrative organization is to have  a  regular , efficient, and compliant way to make it work , make the meetings and the establishment of top universities rapporteur , to create an effective performance management by enabling communication with internal and external stakeholders .

Our Vision
Our vision is to have Knowledge, technology and services that offer advanced, open to development, creating value came to forefront, institutionalized, and adopted the corporate culture to create a modern and efficient structure.