About Iğdır University

    History of Iğdır University goes back to Iğdır Vocational High School. Iğdır Vocational High School was founded in 1995 as a department of Kafkas University. Business Administration was the only department at that time. There were 20 students, 16 lecturers, 1 clerk and one office boy.

    In a short span of time, Iğdır Vocational High School developed rapidly and the High School reached 13 departments and over 1500 students totally. Authorities attempted to constitute a faculty in 2001 and they achieved their aim in 2006. So  Agricultural Faculty was founded as a branch of Kafkas University.

    Iğdır University was founded officially on 22nd May, 2008 in accordance with the 100th bylaw of law on organization of higher education institutions. At the beginning, there were 3 Faculties, 2 Vocational High School and 3 institutes. As a result of the efforts made, Iğdır Agricultural Faculty took its place in 2008 Student Selection Examination Guide and with 30 students Iğdır Agricultural Faculty began education in 2008-2009 academic year.

   Iğdır University has made progress both concretely and academically since 2008. As of today, Iğdır University has 10 Faculties, 1 Colleges, 4 Vocational School, 1 Postgraduate Education Institute, 23 Research and Application Centers, besides that the university has 466 academic staff, 200 administrative staff, 164 auxiliary staff and 4568 associate, 4839 undergraduate, 1523 postgraduate and 70 doctoral students so we have 11000 students totally. Hereby, our university has been taking firm steps forward to be one of the respected universities of Turkey and our region.

    Iğdır University one of the youngest universities of our country has been continuing its progress with actualized and on-going projects. So Research and Application Center was put into service in 2016. With its modern and technical equipment, the center has become a useful reserch laboratory both for our university and the universities in our region.

    Iğdır University Practice Hotel accomodates for guests with 84 rooms and it also offers health service with salt therapy rooms. Thus, the practice hotel has a respected place among its kind.

    In Martyr Bülent Yurtseven Campus, we have been planning some projects such as: University Mosque Project for 3000 people, Field Sports Facilities Project containing athletics, basketball, tennis and astro pitch fields; Viewing Hill and Picnic Area Project satisfying the needs of the families, locals and our staff and organising activities for students; Veterinary Hospital Project; Medicosocial Project and Landscaping Project.