Sports Facilities

Iğdır University Sports Facilities encourage students to make sports a part of their lives. Equipped with modern and comprehensive sports areas that support a healthy lifestyle, our facilities aim to enrich students' sports experiences.

man holding black barbell

Fitness Center

There is a fully equipped fitness center available for students who want to engage in sports. With modern exercise machines, free weight areas, and conditioning equipment, it provides all the facilities necessary for a healthy lifestyle.

white soccer goal on focus photo

Indoor Fields

Iğdır University offers students the opportunity to do sports indoors with its indoor carpet pitches. The astroturf pitches in our indoor sports hall provide a suitable environment for football, handball and other sports activities. Equipped with professional equipment, these astroturf pitches support students to play fun matches and improve their skills.

white and blue tennis net

Tennis Courts

Iğdır University Sports Facilities have tennis courts for students interested in tennis. Students can use our modern tennis courts to improve their tennis skills and play tennis recreationally. Our courts are designed to provide students with a comfortable and enjoyable environment for playing tennis.

ball under basketball ring

Basketball Court

Iğdır University Sports Facilities offer a modern basketball court for students interested in basketball. The spacious court located in our indoor sports facility allows students to enjoy basketball games with professional equipment and spectator stands.

blue tennis court

Handball Court

Iğdır University provides a modern and well-equipped handball court for students interested in handball sports. The spacious court within our indoor sports facility offers students the opportunity to enjoy pleasant handball matches with professional equipment and spectator stands. Students interested in handball can develop their skills and strengthen their teamwork abilities on this court.

people playing soccer on soccer field

Football Field and Outdoor Stadium

Iğdır University Sports Facilities provide a modern football field and an open stadium for students interested in soccer. Our field, designed to professional standards, allows students to enhance their football skills and engage in competitive matches. Our open stadium is also an ideal environment for students to watch football matches or support their own teams.