Social Facilities

The social facilities on campus offer unique spaces created for our students and staff. When you want to relax, enjoy areas such as cafes, libraries and reading areas where you can have a pleasant time and socialize with your friends!

Sports Centers

Iğdır University Sports Centers are important units that offer healthy lifestyle and sports opportunities to students, faculty members and staff. The modern sports facilities on campus offer the chance to do sports and participate in recreational activities. Sports Centers bring sports enthusiasts and athletes together by offering a wide range of opportunities in basketball, football, volleyball, tennis, swimming and many other sports.

Sports Centers also host different sports clubs and organizations. Students and staff enjoy healthy competition by participating in various sporting events and tournaments. At the same time, Sports Centers strengthen the social ties of the university community by taking advantage of the unifying power of sports and make student life more colorful and active.

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Social Life

Iğdır University social facilities provide a relaxing and entertaining environment that strengthens the social bonds of students and staff. Time spent here is filled with unforgettable memories and valuable experiences. Social facilities make the campus a lively and dynamic life center and prioritize the happiness of everyone who is a part of the Iğdır University family.

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Rich Meal Option

The cafeterias and cafeterias on campus offer a variety of dining options, taking into account the daily nutritional needs of students, faculty and staff. The unit, which pays attention to the principles of healthy and balanced nutrition, offers university students a delicious dining experience with meals prepared with fresh and high quality ingredients.