Minor / Double Major Programs

Minor Program

The Iğdır University's Minor Programme offers students the opportunity to acquire additional expertise in their fields of interest through an interdisciplinary approach. This course enables students to acquire deep knowledge and skills in the fields selected in addition to the main courses. Minority programs offer students the flexibility to choose from a wide range of minorities and help them to tailor programs suited to their academic goals. By establishing bridges between the different disciplines, the minor programs provide students with a wide range of educational experiences and enhance their career prospects after graduation. The Minor Program at Idr University serves as a platform for the development of students' academic careers and promotes their passion for the specialization of the chosen areas.

Minor Regulation

Double Major Program

The dual major program at Iğdır University offers students an interdisciplinary approach, offering them the opportunity to gain expertise in two different fields. The program enables students to gain in-depth knowledge and skills in a second field alongside their main courses. The dual degree program enables students to acquire skills in two areas of interest, bringing diversity and flexibility to their careers. Students can choose from a wide range of dual-purpose areas and create a program that corresponds to their academic objectives. The program offers students a variety of educational experiences, encourages them to build bridges between different fields and encourages multi-faceted approaches. The University of Idr's Double-Major Programme supports the academic development of students, establishes a comprehensive knowledge base and enhances career opportunities after graduation.

Double Major Regulations

Minor Programs

The programs you can apply for are listed below.

Double Major Programs

The double major programs you can apply for are listed below.

Coaching Program

High school of Physical Education and Sports

Physical Education and Sports Teaching

School of Physical Education and SportsFaculty of Arts and Sciences


Faculty of Arts and Sciences


Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Health Institutions Management

Iğdır Vocational School

Land Registry and Cadastre

Iğdır Vocational School of Technical Sciences

Computer Engineering

Engineering Faculty

Child Development

Vocational School of Health Services

Medical Documentation and Secretarial

Vocational School of Health Services


Tuzluca Vocational School

Child Development

Tuzluca Vocational School

Pharmacy Services

Tuzluca Vocational School