Iğdır University Coordinatorships are important units of the university operating in different fields and providing services. These coordinators consist of teams specialized in various fields and take over the management of various activities such as student, staff and community services. For example, while the Foreign Relations Coordinator manages international cooperation projects, the Career Development Coordinator supports students' career planning. In addition, the Student Affairs Coordinator organizes student services and the Health and Culture Coordinator works on health services and cultural events. Iğdır University Coordinators work in coordination to meet the needs of the university community, support the development of students and staff, and achieve the general goals of the university.

Media and community relations management.

Managing and coordinating online education.

Managing and coordinating online education.

The task of managing and supervising quality.

Project management and coordination center.

University Collaboration and Project Coordination.

The unit that coordinates scientific research.

Coordination and management of international relations.

Managing and coordinating digital transactions.

Specialization and coordination center for agricultural products.

Social reconciliation and mediation center.

Planning and management unit of green areas.

Planning and management of compulsory courses.